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Do you enjoy life but is a bit curious about how it can be even better? Or are you stuck in old patterns? Had enough of stress, poor self-image and to trip yourself? In short, are you interested in how you can develop your personal leadership and get more out of life?

You can start here and now and give your future the content you really want.

This site is very useful. Here you can find inspiration and motivation for your own development. You will find a lot of free stuff - you can download a free relaxation exercise. There are some web tests you can take. You or someone close to you may need some pep talk - you fix it here. Maybe you're interested in a daily affirmation or a tips from the coach?


Eva Johansson

Working with stress management, holding courses and lectures, educating and enthusing other people towards personal development, with relaxation and mental training as a platform, is the most inspiring, meaningful and fun thing I’ve ever done.

Throughout the years, I’ve gained a rich and varied experience in this area.


This accumulated experience has resulted in the Internet program Life's Driver's License, an exciting course for anyone who wants to take greater participation in his or her own life.

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