It is important that we become acquainted with ourselves; that we are able to see and accept, and then do something about, the things we want to change. The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is with yourself. And if that relationship isn’t working, most likely none of the others will either.

Is there anyone in your life that you feel is more valuable than you? If so, you should work on strengthening your self-esteem. This is also necessary if there is anyone in your life that you look down on, and regard as less valuable than yourself. Not until you regard everyone, high or low, rich or poor, wise or foolish, young or old, as equal beings, even if they do things differently from you, will you have a sound self-esteem.

When your self-esteem is high, you will not be interested in competing with anyone but yourself.


Self-confidence is a feeling that you can handle things. Your self-confidence is the conviction you have about your own ability in various areas.

Self-confidence comes from your achievements. It is dependent upon competence and success and getting others approval and appreciation for what you do. You may have a lot of self-confidence in certain areas and none whatsoever in others.


Self-esteem has to do with how you feel about yourself. It is the platform for all your thoughts about yourself. Self-esteem is a sense of identity and a sense of value that comes from who you are. Self-esteem grows stronger when you are seen and appreciated and is developed by your assumption that you are okay just the way you are. It remains fairly unaffected by achievements.

Good self-esteem also functions as a sort of spiritual immunity system and offers you protection, strength, and the ability to bounce back from whatever hits you.

Train your self-confidence regularly

A major obstacle against development is the problem of cowardice. Not daring to do something has to do with poor self-esteem. If your only sense of your own value is in what you do, what you achieve, then your mistakes will seem terribly serious. You cannot allow yourself to fail.

It is important that you regularly train your self-confidence so that you dare to believe in your own resources. Then you will also dare to have inspiring and provocative dreams and ideas for the future, and you will believe in your own ability to make these come true.

Afraid of becoming obnoxious?

Will you be running the risk of becoming terribly self-centered and stuck up if your self-confidence is too high? No! Self-centeredness and general obnoxiousness are often signs of lack of self-confidence. It is when someone tries to hide insecurities that obnoxiousness comes to the surface. Healthy self-confidence and high self-esteem create an inner sense of security that need not be demonstrated. They shine through anyway.

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