Take the Life's Driver's License for personal leadership

If you are committed to evolving yourself as a human being, Life's Driver's License can provide you with structured training, tools and inspiration to guide every stage of your journey. Training in personal leadership skills to make you a really good driver in life. The training, which you get to work with the best of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), nlp and mental training, suitable when you want to get better in yourself and create your own best future.

For who

This course is for everyone who is interested in his or her own personal development, interested in learning more about himself or herself, gaining greater insight. As a participant you need to have an open mind, an interest in your own development, and an understanding of the fact that if you want your world to function and be the way you want it, you will have to practice. Training, and more training is the route to success. Besides training with the accompanying CD you will need to actually do the exercises.

Purpose and goal

The goal of this course is for you to discover your own power and ability, learn to take command over your own life in order to achieve your dreams and goals, develop and learn more about yourself. Your personal goals with the course might be for example: learning to deal with negative stress, getting better sleep, becoming mentally stronger, accomplishing more, becoming more creative, learning to see possibilities, reaching greater access to your inner resources, feeling better, reaching specific goals, learning to say no, or finding more joy in life.

The advantages to this course are many. Count on personal development, you will learn how to use your resources better, feel more energy and joy in everyday life, feel and function better than ever before. You can decide how your future will look, and actively work toward that goal.

When and how

The course is now available and you can start whenever you wish, and move ahead at your own pace. You will need to use about 30 minutes a day for your own training. The license is good for nine months. So from your starting date you have nine months to go through all the steps in the course program.

Special offer

The course, including book and CD, costs 396$. You have access to the program for nine months after registration. 

Try it before you buy it

You have the possibility to sample the program and see if it suits you before deciding to enroll. If no payment has been received within 10 days after date of registration, you will be deactivated from the course.

Lifes Drivers License

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