Future Goals

What is it that makes some people brave enough to take the first step even when they are scared to death and feel nauseous? How can some people just bounce right back again and again? The reason is that they have something important to fight for. They feel responsible for how the future turns out. Perhaps it is time to let go of the past and create or change that you want in your life, to get it just as good as you want it.

A really inspiring goal vision has that effect; it releases your inner resources so that you can reach far beyond both your own and others’ expectations. This applies to all people in all areas of life. Enlist the help of relaxation and mental training to get you closer to the life you want to live.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes. You can basically targets on anything; relationships, finances, health, work. The only “must” is that you want to be anywhere else then you are right now. So it does not matter if you want to do your best in a particular situation, to become a whole person who respects yourself, if you want to increase your interpersonal skills, push your limits,  become more sociable, dare to let go of your past, take better care of yourself through lifestyle changes or otherwise develop and build strengths. Your goal may be imminent or lie far in the future. The technique is the same.

In addition to the exercises, training tips, tips for goal setting and how to make an action plan and for programming your future, you will learn about relaxation and mental training – all to get where you want to go.

• Muscular Relaxation
• Picture the Future

Future Goals is recorded by Laurel Wakeman, who usually gets feedback on having a warm, lovely and relaxing voice.

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