Relaxation training is among the most effective tools available for reducing the basic tension in the body. A reduced level of tension leads to huge gains in quality of life. Having high muscular tension even when you are not performing or doing anything, takes unnecessary energy and makes you more easily and quickly fatigued.

A moment of relaxation gives you deep rest and a sense of recovery. It can be used to gather strength for different tasks. Your concentration and your memory get better. You have more energy and feel calmer and happier. You have better control of yourself in stressful situations. You understand your own feelings and reactions better. You develop a greater awareness of yourself and better self-understanding; you see your options more clearly and become more sensitive to your body's signals.

Relaxation is also the basis for mental training. When you have mastered the relaxation technique, you have more control over the unconscious part of yourself. Then you can use relaxation to gather strength for the tasks and challenges you face.

Besides two relaxation exercises, you will get training tips and learn what you need in order for relaxation to take you to your next level of mood and quality of life.

• Muscular relaxation
• Your inner room

Relax is recorded by Laurel Wakeman, who usually gets feedback on having a warm, lovely and relaxing voice.

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