Relaxation and mental training for a richly fulfilled lifeavslappning

Do feel that you can get more out of life? Have you gotten stuck in old patterns? Has stress taken over your life? Do you want to learn to say no, or to ask for what you want? Or are you a teacher, looking for good literature?

"Relaxation and mental training for a richly fulfilled Life" is a practical handbook in personal development. Take part of the research behind relaxation techniques, stress management and mental training presented clearly, simply and knowledgably. You will learn what effective goal visualization is and how you can develop and improve your self-image. The book is easy to follow, with step-by step exercises to help you achieve the life you long for.

ISBN 91-631-4937-0, Hardcover, 144 pages, illustrated by Gunilla Wolde

The book includes a CD with relaxation exercises especially designed to help you reach and deepen your insights and knowledge.

Relaxation exercises on the cd:

  • muscular relaxation, 12:28 min
  • your inner room, 12:05 min
  • self confidence training, 12:04 min
  • picture the future, 12:10 min
  • say no calmly and easily, 12:26 min
  • your inner guide, 12:26 min

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