Highlights - gold nuggets

See the simple and ordinary everyday things

Isn't it strange how little we discuss our positive experiences with each other, the small everyday highlights that we all experience? One way to learn to think more positively is to look for and find the gold nuggets of life. This will also make us aware of the fact that most of these highlights in our lives are simple, everyday experiences.

When you start looking around for highlights it may be tempting to look for the big things, but with a little practice you will soon learn to see the little things and to understand that joy of life is very simple by nature. It is all around you every day, ready to be discovered and enjoyed.

Gold nuggets are everywhere

Gold nuggets can be all sorts of things, for example: meeting someone you like, a warm hug, laughter, sharing a special experience with a good friend, waking up rested and full of energy, or simply finding an empty seat on the bus, train or subway when everybody else is also on their way home.

Nature provides a veritable treasure chest to scoop highlights out of; birdsong in the spring, berry-picking in the fall, the glow of autumn leaves, watching the sun rise over snowy mountains in winter or set over a lake in the summer. Or how about the feeling you get when you learn something new, find a new solution to something you have been thinking about or crawling down in between newly washed sheets that have been dried by the combined efforts of the sun and the wind?

A good habit

When you begin to share your highlights with others you learn a lot about what makes life worth living, what makes you and others feel good and enjoy life. You will discover how to create more and more highlights in your life.

Make a habit of going through all of the good and fun things that happened in your day just before you go to bed. Think back and, as you fall asleep, take with you at least five highlights from your day every night from now on.