Mental training - the power of thought can do everything

The foundation of mental training is relaxation. When you sink into a calm and peaceful state you are very receptive to self-influence. The next step is goal-oriented training. This means that you imagine ahead of time how you will do something, and how you will feel and think when you have accomplished it.

It is by visualizing, imagining, that you train your ability to see inner pictures, such as seeing yourself in coming important events. When you paint this picture with all of your senses, something happens inside of you. Your body and mind tune into fulfilling what you have pictured.

Visualize desired results

Since the nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real situation and an imagined situation, you can mentally prepare body and mind for a successful result by visualizing that result. If you visualize it clearly enough, your subconscious will feel that you have experienced it. In this manner you can actually store memories of the future in your brain.

Mental training is an invaluable tool on the road to a richer and more efficient life. It is a tool you can use as much as you like. Some people use the technique every day and others only when they are confronted with new, difficult or frightening challenges. No matter what you do, you will always encounter situations in which you have to prepare yourself mentally.

Useful in everyday life

Through mental training you learn to feel and function better. You reach these results through systematic long-term training of your thoughts, feelings and inner pictures. With mental training you can program yourself mentally, resulting in more positive behaviour, more positive feelings and better results in everything you do.

I can hardly imagine a single situation in life where mental training would not help a person handle what happens in a better, healthier and more constructive manner.

Our quality of life depends on quality of our thoughts

All of your thoughts affect you. The more often you think a thought the more it influences your behavior. If you merely concentrate on everything bad in life, everything you don’t want to happen, or all of the problems you can imagine, you will wind up in a condition that encourages exactly that sort of behaviour and exactly those results.

It has also been proven that your way of thinking plays a major role in your health and your illnesses. With the help of mental training you can influence your thoughts and behavior, grow as a human being, raise your quality of life and improve your health. Not only that, you can have more fun!

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