Picture the future

Goals are so much a part of our everyday lives that we take them for granted. Yet we all have goals, they are a necessary part of life. You would not be where you are right now if you hadn’t had goals in life.

Now is the time to enjoy life

Having goals and meaning in life is not the same as living in the future. On the contrary, having goals and meaning make it easier to live in the present. This is a great strength. Even if you think you’ve done a lot of stupid things in the past, the least intelligent of them all would be if you let those things disturb or direct your present or your future. From now on, you should be doing things that make life worth living. Now is the time to enjoy life. In the future, you will do everything you’ve dreamed of, but that you never thought possible. Stop and think; what do you want? What would you do if you knew you could not fail, and that everything you want is within reach?

You set the limits

Remember – you are the one who decides who you are, and what you can and cannot do. You decide what your priorities are and what you do not prioritize. You decide what you believe or do not believe your limits really are. We all have limits, and you are the one who will suffer if you are not realistic about them. But you, and no one but you, set the limits. All too often, we get stuck in patterns that aren’t working for us. We don’t get the results that we would like. Therefore, it is important to have goals. 

Goal programming

Once your goals and the partial goals leading up to them have been defined, it is time for goal programming. Goal programming is the difference between goal work that leads to results and work that stays on the drawing board. This is the part where your goals are transferred into your subconscious as pictures in vivid detail. Imagine the finished result. Use your inner vision to get where you want to go, and to imagine what you want to happen. We are all different. For some of us, it is easy to vividly picture our goals, others describe “feeling” the desired result, or “thinking” it. What matters is that you really experience your goals, that they excite you.

For your picture of the future to be truly powerful it should be:

  • clear, vivid, and as detailed as possible
  • seen in the present, as if it were happening right now
  • activating all of your senses

To improve the quality and effect of your pictures the following checklist will help:

Sight – work on changing the focus, changing the colors, movement and distance in the picture until the picture has a powerful effect on you. Usually you will experience the picture more intensely if you see it through your own eyes, instead of looking at it from a distance.

Sound – what sounds to do associate with the situation? Are they far away or right nearby? Are they loud or are they subtle?

Touch – what positive feelings arise when you imagine your picture? Can you experience the feeling in one small place or spread over a larger area? Can you feel warmth or coolness, heaviness or lightness, or any other physical feelings?

Taste and smell – are there any special flavours or smells you would like to associate with the situation?

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