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Terms and Conditions

General information

Only registered users have the right to participate in this course. The user must adopt adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized use of their account and take steps to ensure that others do not gain access to their username or password. AB Utbildning & Co reserves the right to change your username and password for technical or operational reasons. We assume that you have the equipment required, such as a computer with access to Internet and programs for Internet connection and use. AB Utbildning & Co agrees to protect the privacy of all members and refrains from releasing customer information or user identification.


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Try it before you buy it

You have the possibility to sample the program and see if it suits you before deciding to enroll. If no payment has been received within 10 days after date of registration, you will be deactivated from the course.

Payment terms

When you register for Life's Driver's License, you are given payment options. You may begin the program as soon as you have registered. The course material, consisting of a book and CD, is sent as soon as payment has been recorded as received by our bank. Your license is valid for nine months from date of registration.This agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. In registering, you have accepted the terms of the agreement.

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