Training tips for relaxation

The best way to make the relaxation technique work is to create a steady routine. Decide on a certain time each day for relaxation training. If you plan to practice when you get a spare moment I can promise you that moment will never come. Time isn’t something we get; it is something we take.

If you practice relaxation regularly you will get the most use out of it. It usually takes about four months of regular training before your ground level of tension has been lowered to an enjoyable level. Obviously you will notice some effects of your training far before then. The time aspect is of course very individual; we all have our own starting points.

Don’t miss the point

For beginners, the best way to start is in a sitting position. Have both feet squarely on the floor, let your hands rest in your lap, and sit with a fairly straight back, with your head up, which allows for better breathing. If you lie down you may risk falling asleep in the beginning, and that would be missing the point. When your body eventually learns to tell the difference between going down the path of relaxation and taking off on the road to sleep you will be able to relax lying down. Relaxing in a prone position will then allow more muscle groups to relax.

Calm and quiet

In the beginning it is important to eliminate any imaginable source of disturbance in the environment. Try to arrange a situation that is as calm and as quiet as possible. Unplug the telephone or unhook the receiver and lay it aside. When you have practiced a while you will notice how much easier it is to reach the relaxed state even with noise in the background. With practice you won’t be bothered by it.

Come out slowly

Lie or sit still for a moment after the relaxation exercise, give yourself time to come out of it slowly. Finally, remember that relaxation is not a test that you have to pass. The harder you try, the more you will tense up. Allow yourself to simply be.

Download an appRelax

Now you can take help of one of my apps to learn relaxation from scratch.  The app Relax  is available for both Android and iPhone.